4 Habits You Should Be Doing To Save Money

It’s super hard to resist temptation when everything looks sooo nice and you basically want every single thing you see. All of a sudden you have nonexisting money that you don’t have to begin with to spend because temptation won over (and then you’re doomed..jk you’ll just end up with extra bills to pay off).

But NO worries, I have 4 habits that you should be practicing to save your hard earned money on other priorities or better things to be spending on (such as that trip to Paris you're saving for).


Habit 1| Early Bird Gets the Worms

Shop early. When you do your shopping in the morning you’re more likely to find things and better deals that were hidden in a heap of clothes on the store floor. I like to go shopping right when the store opens, crazy but effective. You’re able to find sales stuff that were lost in the first floor back at it’s original place. Why? Simple, store associates have cleaning up duties after store closing time. Everything is put back nicely and neatly ready for the next day. You don’t even have to go digging around.


Tip| Student Discount Code

Alright we’re throwing in this extra tip which is specifically for students in college. Totally regret not doing this sooner because now I’m already out of college (such a bummer). Take advantage of those discount codes in fact take advantage of any kind of discount codes! Any kind of saving is a saving. Those discounts are better than nothing especially when you have a tight budget (and is surviving on ramen noodles). Many online places are providing student discount codes. Here’s a secret, I was tempted to borrow my brother’s student ID to use his student discount codes but that is just totally wrong. Don’t do it!


Habit 2| Ask For Markdowns

There’s no shame in asking sale staffs when are they having markdowns. I used to be hesitant on asking since I don’t personally like talking to employee staffs but I have come to just ask if I want to save time and money. You don’t have to check up on the store often (for sales) and simply go shopping on the days they’re reducing price of items that have been on the sales floor too long. Check mark for money and time saving.


Habit 3| Compare Prices Online And In-Store

Compare prices online and in-store. Sometime the prices in-store is cheaper than prices online, vice versa. Many times I find that the same items in store is cheaper than the one online. Plus there is still shipping fee to consider. While I like the ease of shopping online and not walking throughout the store competing with other customers, if you want to save, you’re going to have to do some legwork.


Habit 4| Differentiate Between Need Vs. Want

Nine out of ten times we mistake want for need. If you can separate your need from want then it’s really easy to save yourself those extra bucks. There’s many time I get to the checkout line with a cartful of unnecessary things only to end up with 2-3 items, that I end up buying because I realize I need them more than the other things in my cart. There’s even time I bring home a bunch of things that I end up feeling bad about all the money I spent. Which I later return because I need to save that extra money (to fort bills) rather than keep those things. When you’re at the checkout line second guessing about what you’re buying then it’s a sign that you clearly picked up things that you wanted instead of what you need.