A Bit Parisian Inspired

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I kinda get why Parisian style is so contagious. The reason? You can throw on a beret and already feel a bit Parisian! I may not have step foot in Paris (yet, someday I will), but we all can be a little bit Parisian-inspired wherever we are in the world. That’s really the beauty of style!

This outfit was a spur of the moment, an ootd I wore to do laundry! In fact, I had no plans to do any outfit photoshoot but when I eyed that wine colored beret I showed in my huge winter haul, I knew I had to give it a another try. Watch that haul and you’ll know what I meant by having to give it another try. So, I threw on a comfy men’s knitted sweater I scored from H&M and a pair of high waisted polka-dotted pants (similar) I thrifted and called it a day. For choice of shoes, and no to answer any questions of wearing boots to do laundry, I simply swapped out my Hawaiian sandals for these booties from Charles & Keith. My box bag was discovered at Ross as well as these octogonal rimmed glasses that was a quirky and fun addition to the overall look. Best of all, this look is very achievable and quite affordable, most of these piece are things we should already have in our closet!

Parisian Inspired 1.png

Very obsessed with this sunglasses a bit retro and chic! This pair will definitely get a lot of wear be prepared to keep seeing it pop up on my Instagram. I scored mine from Ross for only $4.99 and the best part?! I found the exact same one online for you guys! We all know it's hard to link products from stores that doesn't have an online shop, so I was super excited when I did! They even have one in a white shade! 

I also found the exact bag online as well, but unfortunately it's out of stock. Here's a similar one.

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