How to Budget Yourself During Major Holiday Sales!

how to budget yourself during major holiday sales

Holidays deals are always a huge excitement which often leads to serious overspending because prices are super low! Who would want to skip out on such awesome sales? I mean you save a lot instead of paying full prices on your whole wish-list, right?

However, are we truly saving or are we spending even way more? The holidays are just around the corner and I wanted to share how you can really save and budget yourself during major holiday sales.

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So we got our wish-list all ready, now what? Well, I have three major questions to share with you before the official shopping begins.


The # 1 question you should ask yourself while shopping:


“Do I need it or do I want it?”


  • Figure out the difference between your want and your needs. It’s super easy to get suck into thinking you need everything because everything looks good when in fact, you don’t. Look through your list; separate the items into your “needs” and “wants”.  This should give you an idea on your priorities especially if you’re on a budget.

TIP: If you’re shopping for yourself or eyeing wardrobe pieces, sift through your closet first to see what you need to get before other things.

Question #2|


“Will I wear/use it?”



-I often find myself second guessing before I hit that “confirm my order” button. If I’m buying this will I wear it or what can I pair it with what I already have in my closet? Sometimes I add things to my cart on impulse because it looks good on the model and the price is too amazing to pass up. I got three words for you:

“Shop with purpose.”


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TIP:  If you don’t know how you’re going to style it, don’t get it! You will save yourself those extra bucks from going to waste and room in your closet for better things that you will wear.

Question #3|

“Can I Wear It For More Than One Season?”


If I’m going on a shopping spree, I like to feel that I will get a lot of wear out of the pieces I’m purchasing. When buying clothing pieces or anything in general, I make sure that I can sport the item for at least 2 seasons at the most, 3 is even better (like what I did here).

TIP:  Aim for versatile pieces that you can transition to a different season, etc. colors, styles, basics.


The next time you set out for those major sales, ask yourself these 3 questions first before anything. It will save you money and budgeting yourself for better things other than our material obsessions. Hopefully this helps with budgeting yourself during major holiday sales and to not over indulge because I know I’m guilty of doing this as well! If you enjoyed these tips, don’t forget to share it with your friends!