How to Find Affordable Fashion That Looks Expensive

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We shop because we desire new things. We want what makes us happy and content, which is the thrills of shopping. Getting what you desire and the want to acquire new things. It’s a suppose stress reliever and a hobby to many, so there shouldn't have to be any planning or being extra strategic about selecting the next piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe.

Sadly to say, there is planning involved even if it’s a hobby or a bypass time to relieve stress especially if you want your closet to look a certain way. For me I like to dive into my closet knowing that every single piece coordinates in some way and even if I’m on a budget, what I wear doesn’t have a bold imprint of cheap written across.

I enjoy the satisfaction knowing I didn’t spend a million bucks in order to curate a stylish wardrobe that still speaks about my personal style.  So if that’s what you’re all about as well, the you’re in luck! I’m sharing some of the tips that I consider when I do my rounds of shopping to find affordable fashion pieces that despite the budget friendly price tag, still looks expensive and high quality like.  

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1. Structure- silhouette, lines, clear cuts

Very nicely shaped and structured gives off the impression of a well made item.


2. Pay attention to details

Details make or break your overall look. Something to detaily can be messy, vice versa.


3. Consignment stores/thrift stores

Sometimes expensive looking clothes is expensive for that very reason, it’s pricey. If you don’t want to put in too much effort to find “expensive” looking clothes; shop second hand high end brand/designer clothing at consignment/thrift stores.


4. Fabric quality-

Top Of The Line: linen, cotton, suede, satin, silk, cashmere, leather

Commonly Used Fabrics: (polyester, rayon, acrylic, nylon)

2 More Extra Tips To Consider

5. Fit of your clothes

Of the above, this is the easiest of all to do. Wearing the right fit of clothing speaks a lot of volume. If it fits right, it looks right; think more put together and effortlessly done.  


6. Affordable does not mean cheap

Don’t confuse affordable with cheap. Most of the time something affordable (that is very well made) can automatically be link to that particular item of being cheap (in quality), which is why the price is so affordable.

That’s a wrap on how to find affordable fashion items that looks expensive. Of course the term expensive is really subjective. What I think looks expensive might not be the case for you guys or others out there, vice versa. But these are just some tips or rule of thumbs when adding pieces to your closet depending on your style.


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