What To Look For When Shopping Trends : A Guide For Trend Followers On A Budget

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This season had so many fun trends and sadly to say I've been hooked on a few. It's extremely tempting to buy new trendy pieces for your spring/summer wardrobe to kick start the new seasons. So when you finally have a moment of clarity, you'll realize that trend is not a necessity. Although we know it's not too worth to spend a lot on trend pieces, we all can't help but want to include some new trendy items into our collection. I've put together a short sweet guide to help you determine whether it's worth it to buy or follow trends and what to consider when looking to invest in trends.

1. Pick & Choose

Choose trend(s) that you'll still love and wear even when the trend is not trendy anymore. If you're a trend follower, this is important because you'll be acquiring trend pieces for every season. Make sure you love a certain trend enough to keep year round and you know you'll wear it more than once. For me those trends are: ruffles, stripes, graphic t-shirts.

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2. Keep It To A Minimum

If you're shopping for trendy pieces, I'd say stick to 3 items maximum. This gives you a good amount options and variety to work around styling them. No need to have a closet full of trend pieces because they are trends, they come and go. 



3. Save On Splurging

Splurging on trends may not be the brightest way to save and budget yourself. Leaving the splurging on timeless classic essentials that will do your closet more good than damage. Investing in good closet essentials is much more sustainable on the long run. If you like a certain trend enough like I mention above, than definitely sure go ahead and splurge, otherwise dupes work just as well.


4. Save The Trendy Pieces

It's apparent trend comes and goes, but that doesn't mean to trash or donate those previous trend items in your closet. Instead, stash them away and you never know they might just come back in trend again (like what I did here). 


5. Shop The Discount Retails

Many discount stores such as Ross, TjMaxx, Marshall, Burlington etc. offers trend pieces for a very affordable price. If you're seeing a specific trend popping up all over Instagram, than you better bet that these shops will have them in store pretty quick. Check these places before considering any online or big retailers. I managed to snag a straw bag for just $20 at Ross!



Those are my tips when I do consider when following or jumping onto a certain trend that I like. It definitely helps me save and budget myself on the long run for each season. I personally feel that nobody can judge you for wearing last season's trend because you know what? I choose to wear what I want to and that's called personal style. That's also the beauty of fashion.